Hiragana mnemonics

/a/ - あ

Ah! I see the letter "A".

/i/ - い

The two "I's" in Hawaii.

/u/ - う

Uuu! This is heavy.

/e/ - え

Exotic bird.

/o/ - お

A golf ball is on the green.

/ka/ - か

Someone doing the "can-can" dance.

/ki/ - き

I have a key.

/ku/ - く

A cuckoo bird is singing.

/ke/ - け

A man with the cane.

/ko/ - こ

It's a coin.

/sa/ - さ

I love sake!

/si (shi)/ - し

She has a ponytail.

/su/ - す

Sooey's tail.

/se/ - せ

How sexy is that tooth?


/so/ - そ

A songbird.

/ta/ - た

"t" and "a" make ta.

/ti/ (/chi/) - ち

She is a cheerleader.

/tu/ (/tsu/) - つ

Tsunami is a tidal wave.

/te/ - て

The dog has a wagging tail.


/to/ - と

Ouch! A thong is in my toe.

/na/ - な

A nun is kneeling in front of a cross.

/ni/ - に

I have a needle and thread.

/nu/ - ぬ

Noodles and chopsticks.

/ne/ - ね

I caught a big fish in the net.

/no/ - の

This means NO!

/ha/ - は

I live in a house.

/hi/ - ひ

He has a big nose.

/hu/ (/fu/) - ふ

Mt. Fuji is beautiful.

/he/ - へ

There is a haystack.

/ho/ - ほ

A house becomes a home with a satellite.

/ma/ - ま

Mama loves music.

/mi/ - み

Who is 21? Me!

/mu/ - む

A cow says moo.

/me/ - め

Chopsticks and noodles without mess.

/mo/ - も

The more worms, the more fish.

/ya/ - や

A yacht in the ocean.

/yu/ - ゆ

A unique looking fish.


/yo/ - よ

Yoga is hard!

/ra/ - ら

I love steamy ramen noodles.

/ri/ - り

This ribbon has long tails.

/ru/ - る

Three rubies.

/re/ - れ

Let's race!

/ro/ - ろ

Three rubies rolled away.

/wa/ - わ

Wow! A magic wand!

/wo/ (/o/) - を

Whoa! A cheerleader is on my toe!

/nn/ - ん

This is in the end.


Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0