django-ga-mail reusable app

Analytics letter

Today I published django-ga-mail app on pypi. This app just sends analytics to my email box few times a week, so I don't need to open Google Analytics site to view analytics.



Installation is quite simple.

$ pip install django-ga-mail

Add ga_mail to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Set next variables in settings:

GA_PROFILE_ID = 12345678
# don't use your working account here,
# create another one for analytics and give it access to ga profile
GA_PASSWORD = 'somepass'

Check that MANAGERS variable contains necessary emails.

Available blocks:

Call python ga_mail to send analytics report.

I added next line to /etc/crontab to send analytics one time a week:

22 5    * * 2   deploy  cd /home/deploy/envs/mysite/ && .env/bin/python ga_mail

UPD 2013-08-27

Updated letter templates. Added countries_30days_today block.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0