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Published 2013-07-07 at

UPD 2013-07-14

Implemented sorting by score.

For now score calculates as:

score = 100 * views / period * ((likes - 2 * dislikes) / period)
score = score if score > 0 else 0

UPD 2013-07-16

Implemented tags feature (thanks to tags manager plugin).

amvhub tags


amvhub tags edit

UPD 2013-07-18

Implemented search feature. Used haystack and elasticsearch.
Used caching (redis as cache backend).

UPD 2014-07-09

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The changes made using the ElasticSearch link ( we gave you won't be able to fix this problem, only prevent it from happening in the future.

Alternatively, you could also have the droplet simply destroyed.

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