Animepixels project

Anime style images slideshow + images sharing + images search. v1 v1

UPD 2012-08-18

Iteration 2:

Iteration 3:

UPD 2012-09-27

Iteration 2 is completed. Was done:

Iteration 3 - Advanced search (deadline: 2012-10-10):

Iteration 4 - Art collections

Iteration 5 - Socialization

UPD 2012-12-15

Added images list page with endless pagination. v1, images list

Next: search by size.

UPD 2012-12-19

Implemented search by size: v1, search by size

UPD 2013-03-16

Hosting bettervps stops, so now unavailable.
I am working on new version of the site.
As for new hosting, I selected

UPD 2013-05-27 is alive. v2

I got the idea and implemented it in one day, it was cool.
For now, I use vk api to obtain images list posted on my news feed, and then I just show them. Amazing simple!

UPD 2013-06-01

My first chrome extension on Chrome Web Store.

UPD 2013-07-23

Filter by image proportions.

UPD 2013-07-28

Feedback form.

UPD 2013-12-10

The project is stopped, no new images will be added because I haven't free time to moderate them.

Images in database: 46641

Moderated: 30982

File with all moderated images (csv):

UPD 2014-03-29

I have a lot of new ideas, and now working on new version.

UPD 2014-04-02

New version (3) on production.
For now I have a powerful dashboard for staff, view for random, latest and last seen images.
Last seen images just start showing images from page user last seen.

UPD 2014-04-05 new pagination looks nice on my tablet: v3

UPD 2014-04-07

Today I run the migration that search for same images by size and color scheme. Result for new images: 2973 -> 3360 (-11%!).

UPD 2014-04-12

Search by tags/colors/size was implemented.

UPD 2014-07-09

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